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Flotation Foam, Ethafoam 4101-FR

SKU# ETHA4101-200
automotive airplane marine railway

DOW Ethafoam is a highly buoyant polyethylene foam for use in flotation cushions. 

Lightweight, strong, low abrasion, durable, and odorless. This FR variant contains flame-retardant additives designed to meet aerospace regulations. The foam is easy to fabricate using routing, water jet, and handsaws. 

Sold per board of 2" x 36" x 24". Includes FAA burn certificate for 25.853(a). Discounts may be available for larger quantities. Please call or email to inquire.

Color White
36 inches
24 inches
2 inches
2.2 lb
2.2 lb/ft3
Compression Set, 50%
(ASTM D3575)

 < 20%

Compressive Deflection
(ASTM D3575)

@ 10% = 8 psi
@ 25% = 10 psi
@ 50% = 20 psi

Water Absorption
(ASTM D3575)

0.3 lb/ft2
< 2% by volume

(ASTM D3575)
58 lb/ft3

14 CFR (FAR) 25.853(a), Vertical Burn

California Technical Bulletin 117

FMVSS 302, Automotive Flammability



If you need flotation foam in an amphibious vehicle, this product meets all requirements for automotive applications.


    This product is acceptable for use in all types of aircraft and rotorcraft.

    For applications requiring the 14 CFR 25.853(c) Oil Burn for Seat Cushion test, pair this product with our Bramport ProTM Fireblock Fabric.

    Boat-Compliant.png This product is acceptable for use in marine applications.

    This product has not been tested for Railway applications.

    In the rare scenario that you may need flotation foam for this application, this foam may be suitable. Contact us for more information.