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Memory Foam

SKU# MEM18-050
automotive airplane marine railway

Bramport's FR Memory Foam is a flame resistant viscoelastic polyurethane which provides remarkable energy absorption and impact protection. This foam is excellent for use in seating applications and for vibration isolation and dampening. Its attributes along with its slow recovery provide increased comfort for occupants. It meets flammability requirements for the Aerospace and Automotive industries. This foam is not recommended for applications with large variations in temperature, since the foam's firmness and recovery time are dependent on temperature. 

Memory Foam is currently available in 82" x 36" sheets. The foam is color-coded based on firmness. Includes FAA burn certificate for 25.853(a). Price breaks are available at certain quantities. Contact for more information.

Length 82 inches
36 inches
Firmness (IFD)
(ASTM D3574-G)
Very Soft: 18 lb
Soft: 32 lb
Medium: 43 lb
Firm: 57 lb
Density (ASTM D3574-A)
5.9 pcf (all grades)
Tensile Strength (ASTM D3574-E)
Very Soft: 8 psi
Soft: 15 psi
Medium: 17 psi
Firm: 27 psi
Tear Strength (ASTM D 3574-F)
Very Soft: 1.0 lb/in
Soft: 1.3 lb/in
Medium: 1.6 lb/in
Firm: 2.0 lb/in
Elongation (ASTM D 3574-E)
Very Soft: 170%
Soft: 150%
Medium: 175%
Firm: 130%
Air Flow (ASTM D 3574-G)
> 1.0 cfm

14 CFR (FAR) 25.853(a), Vertical Burn

California Technical Bulletin 117

FMVSS 302, Automotive Flammability



This product is acceptable for use in automotive interiors.

    Airplane-Compliant.png • This product is acceptable for use in all types aircraft and rotorcraft.
    • Will pass the 14 CFR 25.853(c) Oil Burn for Seat Cushion when paired with a suitable fire blocking fabric, such as the Bramport ProTM Fireblock Fabric.
    Boat-Non-Compliant.png This product is not recommended for use in Marine applications because of its water absorption characteristics.
    Train-Non-Compliant.png This product does not meet the flammability requirements for the Railway industry.