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DAX Foam® - 72" x 36"

SKU# DAX25-050-7236
automotive airplane marine railway

DAX Foam® is a graphite-based polyurethane foam designed to meet the stringent fire testing requirements for the transportation industries.

Sold in 72" x 36" sheets.

Density (pcf) Firmness (ILD)
DAX 25 2.6 20-26
DAX 45 2.6 40-48
DAX 55 3.2 50-60
DAX 90 5.0 80-100

Flammability Standards

DAX Foam® has been tested to meet the following flammability standards:

  • California Technical Bulletin 117
  • ASTM E662
  • ASTM D3675 (except DAX 25)
  • NFPA 130
  • FMVSS-302 (Automotive Flammability)
  • 14 CFR (FAR) 25.853(a), Vertical Burn
  • 14 CFR (FAR) 25.853(d), Heat Release
  • 14 CFR (FAR) 25.853(d), Smoke Density
  • AITM 2.0006 Heat Release
  • AITM 2.0007 Smoke Density
  • AITM 3.0005 Gas Toxicity
  • BSS 7322 Heat Release
  • BSS 7238 Smoke Density
  • BSS 7239 Gas Toxicity

This product meets and greatly exceeds automotive flammability standards.


    This foam product is manufactured to meet the rigorous standards required for all transportation industries.

    Although this product qualifies for aviation use, we do not promote it as such.

    Boat-Partial-Compliant.png This product is acceptable for use in marine interiors, but is not water resistant or repellent. A waterproof barrier may be required.

    DAX 45, 55, and 90 meet all rail flammability & smoke requirements and are recommended for use in train interiors.

    DAX 25 may require a fire blocking layer to meet certain requirements. Contact us for more information regarding your particular application.