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FlameStop Fabric

SKU# FS-NMX-34-6
automotive airplane marine railway

FlameStop Fabric is a tube-shaped, two-way stretchable Nomex or Nomex-type fabric which can be used as a light fire blocking layer for DAX or Galaxy foams or as a seat dress cover performance enhancer.

Sold by the yard, with a 5-yard minimum order.

$78.48   per yard
Material 93% Metaaramid 5% Paraaramid 2% Antistat (Carbon)
Dimensions when Laid Flat

34" width

68" circumference

(see above)

Natural (Yellow)
6.0 oz/yd2
Flammability Standards

FAR 25.853(a)
FAR 25.853(d) Heat Release (OSU 65/65)
FAR 25.853(d) Smoke Density
AITM 2.0007B Smoke Density
AITM 3.0005 Combustion Toxicity
BSS 7322 Heat Release
BSS 7239 Combustion Toxicity
BSS 7238 Smoke Density
FVMSS 302 (Automotive)


This product is acceptable for use in automobiles, but more cost-efficient options may be available.

    • This product is acceptable for use in all types of aircraft and rotorcraft.
    • Can be used to enhance dress cover performance when sewn or glued underneath, but do not use this product in place of a fire-blocking layer. It is not adequate to protect most other foams on its own. Use our Bramport ProTM Fireblock Fabric instead.

    This product is acceptable for use in marine interiors, but is not water resistant or repellent.

    Train-Compliant.png This product meets all rail flammability & smoke requirements and is recommended for use in train interiors.