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Hook & Loop Fasteners, Generic (Overstock)

SKU# SBH100-BSC-01
automotive airplane marine railway

These hook and loop fasteners are ideal for light-to-medium duty applications, such as upholstery closeouts or holding down seat cushions in automobiles, boats, trains, and airplanes. They can be easily sewn or glued to any surface.

Unbranded. Colloquially known as "Velcro". Available in 1-inch or 2-inch widths, sew-on or PSA. Sold in 27-yard rolls. Includes FAA burn certificate for 25.853(a) for sew-on varieties only. PSA varieties include an FAA burn certificate for 23.853(a) instead. More options and colors with burn certificates available in HALCO brand.

Hook and loop sold separately. May not include a spool.

Length 27 yards
Width 1-inch or 2-inch

14 CFR (FAR) 25.853(a), Vertical Burn (sew-on only)

14 CFR (FAR) 23.853(a), Horizontal Burn (PSA only)

California Technical Bulletin 117

FMVSS 302, Automotive Flammability



This product is recommended for use in automotive interiors.


    The sew-on variety of this product is recommended for use in all types of aircraft and rotorcraft.

    The PSA variety of this product is recommended for use in all CAR 3 or Part 23 aircraft under 12,500 lb MTOW.

    Boat-Compliant.png This product is recommended for use in Marine applications.

    This product is acceptable for use in Railway applications when used as a fastener under the small part exemption (49 CFR 238, Appendix B, Footnote 10).

    This product may also pass other rail tests. Contact us for more information.