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FR Hook & Loop Fasteners, Sew-On

SKU# FRSCH100-040-50
automotive airplane marine railway


These hook and loop fasteners are ideal for light-to-medium duty applications, such as upholstery closeouts or holding down seat cushions in automobiles, boats, trains, and airplanes. They can be easily sewn or glued to any surface.

Fire-retardant hook and loop fasteners. Colloquially known as "Velcro". HALCO® brand. Sold in 50-yard rolls.

Available in black & beige, and in 1-inch or 2-inch widths. Sold in 50-yard rolls. Also available in white and gray with a lead time. Contact us for custom colors.

Includes FAA burn certificate for 25.853(a). Also available with Pressure Sensetive Adhesive or tack-down.

Hook and loop sold separately.

Length 50 yards
Width 1-inch or 2-inch
Hook, 1-inch: 0.007 oz/inch
Loop, 1-inch: 0.008 oz/inch
Hook, 2-inch: 0.015 oz/inch
Loop, 2-inch: 0.016 oz/inch
0.077 inch (hook); 0.082" (loop)
Fastener Material 100% Nylon
Colors Black, Beige, White, and Gray
Maximum Temperature 392°F (Melting)
Peel Strength 1.12 lb (1-inch)
2.24 lb (2-inch)
Shear Strength 22.7 lb (1-inch)
45.4 lb (2-inch)
Breaking Strength 169 lb (Loop, 1-inch), 205 lb (Hook, 1-inch)
378 lb (Loop, 2-inch), 416 lb (Hook, 2-inch)
Durability (to 50% strength) 20,000 peels

14 CFR (FAR) 25.853(a), Vertical Burn

California Technical Bulletin 117

FMVSS 302, Automotive Flammability



This product is recommended for use in automotive interiors.

    Airplane-Compliant.png This product is recommended for use in all types of aircraft and rotorcraft.
    Boat-Compliant.png This product is recommended for use in Marine applications.

    This product is acceptable for use in Railway applications when used as a fastener under the small part exemption (49 CFR 238, Appendix B, Footnote 10).

    This product may also pass other rail tests. Contact us for more information.